Although we don’t have an exact date of when the Norwood Amateur Radio Club was founded, we do know that it dates back to before 1957. In 1957, the club had Gonset Communicators commonly referred to as Gooney Boxes. The Gonsets were among the first commercial radios available for the post-World War II amateur bands and helped popularize the VHF bands for amateurs. In addition, the club also operated a Collins HF radio which was used to check in to the Civil Defense (CD) nets. Meetings were held in the basement of the Norwood Town Hall. Future meetings were held in a variety of locations including a church hall and the Norwood Civic Center.

The club maintains an excellent relationship with the Town of Norwood, providing emergency radio communications for the town’s Emergency Management Agency as well as providing communications for the town’s Festival of Lights holiday celebration and 4th of July road race and parade.

Over the years, the club ran numerous amateur radio license training classes for individuals, and facilitated the licensing of many hams that are still licensed today in Norwood and surrounding towns.

Today, our monthly club meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of the month beginning  at 7:30 PM and ending around 9:00 PM. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions, we have currently suspended our in-person meetings and replaced them with online Zoom sessions. Once the restrictions are lifted, we plan to implement hybrid club meetings (in-person and Zoom). The hope is that members unable to attend in-person will have the opportunity to join the meeting utilizing Zoom. All our meetings will be recorded and available to all our members via download from the website.

In the event that the fourth Thursday falls on a holiday, which is usually the case in November and December, the meetings are moved up a week to the third Thursday of the month. Be sure to check in to the club net for firm meeting dates. Our meeting dates are also available on the club websites calendar. All our meetings are open to the public and guests are always welcome.