VE Testing

The Norwood Amateur Radio Club has partnered with the Eastern Mass Amateur Radio Group (EMARG) to provide amateur radio license testing for us. EMARG is an ARRL accredited Volunteer Examiner (VE) group and, in our view, one of the premier amateur radio testing groups in the nation.

One of EMARG’s founding values is to take the stress out of taking an amateur radio exam, at which they excel . EMARG provides monthly exam sessions, that unlike other VE groups, do not require preregistration and are always there when they say they will be. We have heard countless times that applicants have shown up for an exam with other VE groups only to be turned away because they did not preregister. Or, worse yet, because the VE group did not have any preregistrations, they simply didn’t bother to show up for the session.

In addition to their monthly testing sessions, EMARG VE’s frequently provide special sessions in support of ham radio licensing classes at other clubs or organizations.

All amateur radio exam elements are administered at all their testing sessions.

New applicants are asked to bring a photo ID. Upgrading hams should bring their original and a copy of their current license, as well as any CSCE’s they will be using to apply towards an upgrade; a photo ID is also required.

The FCC now requires you to have a ULS registration number. If you do not have one, the EMARG VE’s will help you register with the FCC using your social security number to obtain your ULS registration at the session.

For more information, go to the contact page and select EMARG VE.