Club Presentation Videos

January 2023

The January 2023 Club Presentation includes a presentation by Barry, K1BFD who not only is our Vice President but also the club’s webmaster. The presentation introduces the club’s new 2023 website, including how it was built, what software was used, and a look behind the scenes of how the administration portion of the website works. If you are interested in building your own website, there is a companion video that is available to our members that shows how you can build a sandbox on your own Windows or Macintosh computer .

November 2022

Our November 2022 club meeting included a presentation by Chris Reynolds, KB1NLW on everything you ever wanted to know about Software Defined Radio (SDR). His presentation includes how SDR works, and a good demonstration on the various SDR software available.

October 2022

Our October 2022 club meeting included a presentation by Larry Brewer, W1LEB on counterpoise and radials. The presentation is comprised of portions of 5 different YouTube presentations covering everything you need to know about radials for your antennas.